Crane Man Riding Rules of ABS Certification.

1. general provision

Cranes intended to carry people must be equipped with the following equipment and other requirements of this Code.

3. manned correlation

The load curve of manned crane should be provided according to the details. Relevant weight should not exceed 50% of the unmanned weight.

The weight to be considered in design and analysis should be twice the actual manned weight.

The hanging basket and the people inside must also be weighed.

Manned design requirements should be reflected in all load curves and all working radius.

5. Manned hoisting system

When manned, the safety factor of hoisting wire rope should not be lower than 10.


The pulley used in manned vehicles shall be permanently marked at the maximum load.


The hook used in manning should be equipped with bolt locks. It is absolutely forbidden to open a bolt lock due to negligence.


7. spare brake


In addition to the normal brakes, hoisting and amplitude winch need to be equipped with mechanical and standby brakes that can be operated independently, as well as a separate control circuit.


The spare brake needs to act directly on the winch drum, but it should be changed according to different conditions when it is implemented. At the same time, the user should be provided with a separate test of the standby brake. The spare brake shall meet the manned requirements of 2-6/15.


9. cylinder


When the cylinder is used for lifting, folding and telescoping, it should be equipped with mechanical brakes. Brakes based on hydraulic throttling, such as globe valves, should be able to withstand pressure shocks. Hydraulic oil locking device should also be provided.


Usually each action should have two separate cylinders, and each cylinder can lift the corresponding manned weight independently.


11. Manned optional mode


Usually when lifting and amplitude are required for manned and loaded vehicles, the control system should be equipped with a switch that can be switched on and off. The switch should also have an emergency light that is always on. When using the manned system, the light should flicker. This is to prevent accidents. It does not include dashboards and signs.


When choosing the manned mode, the following functions should be satisfied:


(1) When the operating handle is in the middle, all braking systems should be activated in order to prevent an emergency stop or sudden power outage.


(2) All overload protection systems and manual overload protection systems should be covered and locked.


(3) The active tensioning system with active wave compensation and the passive tensioning system with passive wave compensation should be covered and locked unless the wave compensation system is specially designed for manned persons.


13. personnel rescue


When the crane is designed to be manned, it needs to be equipped with emergency braking function, that is, it can hoist people back from any position.


In case of power outage or out of control of the control system, it means equipped with controllable switching, variable amplitude and descending operation to safely send personnel back to the ground. Meanwhile, it means providing controllable drop and stop devices under any load condition. Standby power supply and independent control system should also be available.


Manual control switch or handle of emergency brake system should be on standby at any time, and should be clearly marked. In all processes, meticulous dashboards should also be provided to the operating room.

Post time: Dec-05-2018
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